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Our Approach to Academic Camps

Our academic camps and enrichment programs are designed to help students energize their minds, expand their understanding, hone their skills and prepare for the future. Our well-planned courses are taught by experts in their fields, allowing students to continue to grow throughout the summer months!

Enrichment & Academic Camps for Grades K-12

Lower School Chess Camp

Chess trains the mind and stimulates the intellect. It’s a game we can play all our lives, almost anywhere. Come learn from a chess master, our own Alexander Gustafsson. Only one week per camper, please!

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College Essay Writing Workshop

When applying to selective colleges, how can you stand out among many qualified applicants? One way is with a compelling essay. Get a competitive advantage, jumping in for five mornings of intensive, helpful and enjoyable essay writing help.

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Middle School Shakespeare Workshop

Spend a week this summer with us learning about the genius of Shakespeare, through reading, acting out, and viewing Much Ado About Nothing and a Winter’s Tale. In this one-week theater intensive, students will workshop for the first four days at our Black Box Theater (9:00-12:00) and then finish the week with an overnight trip (Friday and Saturday) to the world-renowned Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.

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Let’s Make a Musical!

Spend a week helping to write, produce, and perform a mini-musical with a group of other creative and fun campers and the help of music, dance, and acting specialists. Campers will participate in every stage of this production.

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Healthy Living (for upper school credit)

This for-credit class fills a graduation requirement and can free up a future spot to take a one term class during the academic year.

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MS Creative Writing Workshop

Calling all writers! Come join us for a week of extreme literary shenanigans! Students will experiment with several creative genres over the course of this five-day camp.

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Success in Middle School

In this fun camp we will be focusing on the essential skills of middle school: organization, note-taking, planning, mindfulness, friendship, self advocacy and school resources. We’ll be learning all this through wild interactive activities, designed to help you build friendships and confidence.

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The Worlds of Harry Potter

This summer class will explore the many adaptations of the Harry Potter series, ranging from video and tabletop games to theatrical performances and theme parks.

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Visual Arts (for credit): Printmaking

One great use of a couple of weeks during summer is to really focus on one class for credit, filling a graduation requirement and freeing up a future spot to take a one term class during the academic year. This class gives students the opportunity to explore basic printmaking techniques. Students will learn a wide variety of monotype techniques using the intaglio press. They will also be introduced to relief printmaking through linoleum cuts, woodcuts, or found objects. Large and small-scale prints are produced, and some basic silk-screening techniques will be explored.

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MS Community Service Camp

Service benefits those that are being helped and changes those that are performing the service. Their world and their lives are enlarged and enriched as they see how others live. Service creates a canopy of relationships that can overarch all communities. This weeklong camp will instill these values while encouraging your student to become a service-minded member of the community, which is a lifelong process.

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MS Birding

Come and learn the basics of birding and explore the amazing diversity of bird life here in Utah with our passionate and knowledgeable history teacher, tennis coach, and birder, Ken Wade. We will focus on the experience of birding – finding birds, identifying them, and observing their habitats and behaviors. Working together, we should be able to find and identify close to 100 species!

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Math Art

You may think that math is all about algebra, but artists have used principles of math to create masterpieces for centuries! We will learn and implement some basic techniques to create our own tessellations, fractals, origami, and other works of art, and talk about the patterns and postulates that permeate our projects. No experience in math OR art necessary to explore, enjoy, and create beautiful things!

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Theater Camps

Join beloved LS Theater teacher Cherie Gallian for one or more of these theater adventures: 1) Scene Studies, 2) Fairytales and Mythology, 3) Costume and Fashion History.

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LS Math Camp

Come spend a week of math learning and games with our. math specialist, Rayann Sandstrom. Review grade level skills through problem solving and dynamic activities. Putting our creativity and our math minds to work, we will be completing an exciting week-long project. Our work will be filled with activities, fun, and learning.

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MS Life Skills

Work with Communications expert and Waterford Math Tutor Jenneca Peabody to have a great time learning how to prepare for success. Through lessons, games, group projects, guest lecturers, and field trips you will see more clearly your path to a better and happier life.

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Special Projects

A weeklong project, chosen by each student individually, and assisted by fun and helpful camp counselors. Dig in deep and learn a lot while you study your subject, prepare a special presentation, and then share it with the younger day campers.

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