Policy change for 2024: Waterford Camps are reserved for members of the school community, namely current students, those entering next fall, children and grandchildren of summer faculty, children of alumni, children of waterford.org employees.

Let's Make a Musical!

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What does it take to put together a completely original musical? Spend a week helping to write, produce, and perform a mini-musical with a group of other creative and fun campers and the help of music, dance, and acting specialists. Campers will participate in every stage of this production. Their families can attend the premier performance of the new musical on Friday afternoon in the Concert Hall. Includes a field trip to a local theater company’s facility. The camp is organized and led by our experienced and beloved music teacher, Matt Robertson and his dynamic staff. This year’s production will be assisted by the Theater Tech Camp students.

Camp Details

Bring a sack lunch; snack provided by us

Point C on the Campus Map, south of the 800 bldg. Look for the orange signs.

A nourishing sack lunch, a water bottle, creativity, courage, and a smile.


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2024 Program Dates

Week 4 (July 8-12)