Policy change for 2024: Waterford Camps are reserved for members of the school community, namely current students, those entering next fall, children and grandchildren of summer faculty, children of alumni, children of waterford.org employees.

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The Waterford School believes that “Our commitment to responsibility starts with our individual lives and actions and extends outward in service to communities, both local and global.” (see Mission Statement and Core Values). Service benefits those that are being helped and changes those that are performing the service. Their world and their lives are enlarged and enriched as they see how others live. Service creates a canopy of relationships that can overarch all communities.

This weeklong camp will instill these values while encouraging your student to become a service-minded member of the community, which is a lifelong process. Activities can include, but will not be limited to:
*Learning about the importance of preserving nature. Students will participate in trail cleanup and will make their own wildflower seed balls which will be tossed onto trails.
*Awareness of hunger in Utah. We will learn the truth about our local hunger problem, which can often be overlooked. Students will travel down to For the Kids warehouse where they will assemble food bags which will be given to students in need. 
*Serving the aging population. We will learn about the importance of caring for and respecting those who are elderly. We will walk to a local care center to provide some service.
*Protecting our freedoms. We will continue to reinforce with our students how fortunate we are to live in the “land of the free” and how we can do our part to protect those freedoms. As part of this, we will write letters to those serving in the armed forces.
*Serving Refugees.  Students will learn what a refugee is and how we can best serve them as they transition to productive members of our  communities. We will tie quilts that will be donated to a local refugee center.
Note the earlier start time on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (8:00am) !

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2024 Program Dates

Week 4 (July 8-12)