Policy change for 2024: Waterford Camps are reserved for members of the school community, namely current students, those entering next fall, children and grandchildren of summer faculty, children of alumni, children of waterford.org employees.

MS Birding

Come and learn the basics of birding and explore the amazing diversity of bird life here in Utah with our passionate and knowledgeable history teacher, tennis coach, and birder, Ken Wade. We will focus on the experience of birding – finding birds, identifying them, and observing their habitats and behaviors. We will spend minimal time on the Waterford campus learning some bird ID basics and becoming familiar with birding apps and tools. Most of our week together will be spent  exploring some of the most well-known birding locations in the Western United States. Working together, we should be able to find and identify close to 100 species! All Class VIII science students at Waterford complete a unit on birds and bird identification, and this camp will give you a great head start.

Camp Details

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Drop off point D - south of the science building

hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothes for the weather, water bottle, and your favorite binoculars if you have them (we have enough here for everyone, just in case). Label everything!!


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2024 Program Dates

Week 2 (June 24-28)