Courses for Waterford Credit

Summer Programs Courses for Waterford Credit

Activities/Events for Adults And Children

These are classes for credit, offered in an intensive format during the summer. By taking one of these, you can satisfy Waterford graduation requirements and free up time during the regular academic year to take something else. The grades appear on your transcript the next fall.

Healthy Living (for upper school credit)

This for-credit class fills a graduation requirement and can free up a future spot to take a one term class during the academic year.

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Visual Arts (for credit): Printmaking

One great use of a couple of weeks during summer is to really focus on one class for credit, filling a graduation requirement and freeing up a future spot to take a one term class during the academic year. This class gives students the opportunity to explore basic printmaking techniques. Students will learn a wide variety of monotype techniques using the intaglio press. They will also be introduced to relief printmaking through linoleum cuts, woodcuts, or found objects. Large and small-scale prints are produced, and some basic silk-screening techniques will be explored.

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