Our Difference

About Our Difference

We teach and encourage every child, expecting to send them home each afternoon exhausted, happy, and eager to share something new they experienced.”

Kent Hercules

Camp Director

A Summer Experience Like No Other

Since its beginning, Waterford School has been a powerful place of learning. The school has spent the last 40 years pursuing the best atmosphere, faculty, facilities, and curriculum.

The summer camp and youth summer programs we offer on our stunning campus in Sandy, Utah are a natural extension of this restless, relentless desire to improve. We maintain a high level of learning as we deploy the vast potential offered by the freedom of summer.

While our campers will have a wonderful time with friends old and new, Waterford summer camp programs always have an educational goal. Children take something home that they didn’t have before. Real teachers and experts in the field design and carry out our programs, assisted by young, enthusiastic high school and college age interns.

In the planning stages of these camps, groups of teachers were assembled and asked what kind of skills they want their students to possess when they arrive in the fall. The teachers spoke of social competence, curiosity, good stewardship, and respect. They insisted that successful students will be able to Communicate, Collaborate, and Create (the 3 C’s). The philosophy, activities, schedule, and curriculum of our camps have all been designed to help students develop these skills.

Sending a child to Waterford for summer camp means getting a great deal more than just reliable day care. Summer learning and fun go hand in hand here. The programs are well conceived and joyfully led. We expect that each camper will return home excited about something new, encouraged at progress made, and ready for a good rest and some dinner.


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