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Waterford Summer Camp in Sandy Utah

Real learning happens when you connect with nature. Come on outside and get dirty!”

Waterford Summer Camp in Sandy Utah

Kristie Jensen

Pre-K teacher and Nature Explorations Guru


Waterford School is an ideal place for summer programs. The stunning campus, set against the towering Wasatch Mountains, features 12 buildings, with state of the art classroom space, science and tech equipment, beautiful, purpose-designed visual and performing arts facilities, an outdoor classroom, an arboretum, a nature lab, two gymnasiums, a climbing wall, two soccer/lacrosse game fields, and lots of safe, manicured space.

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Outdoor Classroom

Our outdoor classroom is a huge extension of the inner ones. It contains sand, water, rock, logs and a hill for climbing, vehicles for transportation, areas for gathering and exploring, and so much more. The same stations that exist in the regular classroom (painting, dramatic play, math, reading) await outside on a larger scale, where Mother Nature is begging the children to come join her! This is where they can let the water flow, turn sand into cakes, jungle gyms into ships, logs into the forest canopy, and the playhouse into a store. They gain confidence, learn to be stewards of nature, and find again and again the answers to questions, like “What does it do?” and “What does it become?” Check out the video and the interactive map.

Explore The Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom

Entry 1

  • Access from classrooms
  • Covered gathering space

Entry 2

  • Access from classrooms
  • Covered gathering space

Entry 3

  • Access from classrooms
  • Covered gathering space

Secret Garden

  • Variety Of Native/Adapted Plantings
  • Flagstone Stepping Stones
  • Seasonal Planters

Building Area

  • Tools to Build and Imagine
  • Variety of building materials

Nature Art Area

  • Table with Stump Stools
  • Vertical art panel
  • Collage Work Station

Dirt Digging Area

  • Raised Bed with soil
  • Flagstone Surfacing
  • Digging Materials
  • Area to explore textures

Water Area

  • Raised Hand Pump Reservoir
  • Wood Sloped Channel
  • Water Table to Explore Motion, Gravity & Mixed Media

Imagination Area

  • Shaded Play Area
  • Slides
  • Imagination Boat Structures
  • Materials For Imaginative Play

Wheeled Toy Area

  • Area To Play/Ride Wheeled Toys
  • Looped Area For Continued Play

Mud Kitchen

  • Area to Explore Textures
  • Introduction to Nature and Instects
  • Exploration with Earth Elements and Tools

Open Area

  • Grass
  • Area For Open Play

Low Rock Climbing Area

  • Area to Explore a Variety of Playing Surfaces

Sand Area

  • In-Ground, Natural Stone-Lined Sand Box
  • Tree Stump/Steps
  • Sail for Shade
  • Tools for Digging

Tunnel and Hill

  • Culvert Tunnel with Mound
  • Soft Surface on Hill
  • Safe Low Rock Climbing Area

Oversized Chess Board

  • Square Learning Area
  • Oversized Chess Pieces

Sunken Log

  • Giant Tree Climbing Gym
  • Natural Balance Beam
  • Soft Wood Chip Area

Gathering Area

  • Stone Ampitheatre
  • Area for Story Time & Group Meetings
  • Sail for Shade
Summer Camp Facilities in Sandy, Utah



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