Policy change for 2024: Waterford Camps are reserved for members of the school community, namely current students, those entering next fall, children and grandchildren of summer faculty, children of alumni, children of waterford.org employees.

Math Art

You may think that math is all about algebra, but artists have used principles of math to create masterpieces for centuries! We will learn and implement some basic techniques to create our own tessellations, fractals, origami, and other works of art, and talk about the patterns and postulates that permeate our projects. No experience in math OR art necessary to explore, enjoy, and create beautiful things!

Taught by math teacher, artist, musician, and teacher extraordinaire, Megan Orton.

Camp Details

not included

Northeast parking lot, but the big W (drop-off point C)

water bottle, comfortable clothes for inside or out, an inquisitive mind, and your creativity


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2024 Program Dates

Week 2 (June 24-28)