Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is in both a morning and an afternoon camp, what happens in between?

LOWER SCHOOL: If your child is entering 5th grade or younger, we will get him or her to that afternoon camp for you. Just send your camper with a sack lunch. We will gather the kids together at around noon, eat in a group either outside in the shade or inside in the dining area, and then deliver them all to their respective afternoon camps.

MIDDLE/UPPER SCHOOL: If your child is entering grades 6-12, they should bring their own lunch and we will help them find a place to eat it and where to go for their next class. They will be responsible to get to their pm camp, but we will be around if they get confused.

I heard there is bus service from Park City? How does this work?

When you register for any camp, you will see some add-on options, such a Before Care, After Care and Park City Bus. Simply click on the PC Bus One-way or PC Bus Round trip option and pay for it at pickup. You sign up for one week at a time, tied to the registration for that week’s camp.

The morning bus departs from Jeremy Ranch (3010 Lower Saddleback Rd, Park City, UT 84098) at 8:10 am. The afternoon bus departs Waterford at about 3:40 pm and should arrive at the same location around 4:10 pm.

How does it work with Before and After Care?

The fun starts early and ends late! You sign up for Before Care or After Care as an option when you register for a class. You can also go back later and add this option. You can sign up for only the days that you need.

Before Care is available beginning at 7:15am for children Pre-K3 through 8th grade who are enrolled in a morning or full-day program that day. The cost is $13 for a morning. Come to the West Entrance to the Lower School building, and call 801-816-2290. We will answer you and come out to pick up the child.

After Care is available from 3:30pm to 5:30pm for children Pre-K through 8th grade who were enrolled in an afternoon or full-day program that that day. The cost is $14 for an afternoon. Come to the West Entrance to the Lower School building and call 801-816-2290. We will bring them out to you.

Why is Wildebeests Day Camp just in the mornings this year?

With many of our youngest campers coming to a school-like session for the first time, numerous parents have expressed a wish for us to offer a half-day version. This summer (2023) we are giving the option to do a half-day or a full day of Wildebeests. If you want your entering PK3 or PK4 child to go to a full day of camp, then choose the “Wildebeests +” option at checkout and the child will be enrolled in a full day, 9:00-3:30. The added $200 charge brings the total to the same amount as the other three levels of Day Camp: $435.

If Waterford cancels a week (or more) of a camp that we have paid for, what happens to our tuition?

If we have to cancel a week, we will refund all of your tuition, including the deposit.

If something comes up and I can’t send my child to camp, is my deposit refundable?

If you change your mind or become unable to send your child to us, the $75 deposit for each class is generally not refundable. The balance of the payment (beyond the deposit) IS refundable until June 1. If you plan to cancel, please do what you can to let us know a week or more in advance. Contact us via email ( or by phone at 801-816-2296 with questions.

What if I need to pick up my child early from camp?

Please send an email to your child’s camp teacher, preferably before 8:30 am on the day you need to pick your child up early. As you might imagine, teachers get pretty busy when the kids come and are not likely to see an email during the day. Letting us know in advance will allow us to plan ahead. At the time you need to come we may be out exploring the arboretum, down the hall in the science room, or off having another adventure. When you arrive call 801-816-2290 and let us know where you are. If you have an unforeseen need that comes up later, call us at the same number. Please make sure that the person picking up the child is on the approved pick-up list in your family’s profile. Early pickups after 2:45 are particularly difficult for us, so please try to arrange something before that time.

If my child is in a morning camp and there is not an available afternoon camp that week, what can I do? Can After Care start at noon?

After Care does not begin until 3:30, sadly. However, if the child is going into 5th grade or lower, you can register concurrently for both the appropriate level of Day Camp and the morning specialty or sports camp. Then send an email to and explain what you have done and why. We will only charge you the fee for the Day Camp, refunding the value of the other camp. When the morning camp ends at noon, your child will be taken over to join the Day Camp group until 3:30. He or she will be on the roll for both classes and can be enrolled in before and after care, as needed.

If the child is going into 6th grade or higher, there is unfortunately not another option. You will need to arrange to pick them up after the morning session.

What if the camp I want is full? Am I out of luck?

If the camp you are trying to register for is full, you will be prompted to join the waiting list. Please do so. If a space opens up we will let you know and give you the chance to take it. Also, if there are enough people on the waiting list we will always try to open another section.

How much does camp cost?

Most half-day camps cost $255 for a week, while most full-day camps cost $495. In some cases this rate is lower, such as for the 4-day program of Middle School Rowing. In other cases, this number is higher, when it needs to include significant materials costs, travel, etc. Click on the “Learn More” button on any individual camp description to see the price of that camp under the section “Camp Details”.

Before Care and After Care are also available, at a price of $13/day and $14/day, respectively.

How do I register?

In many places on the site, including each camp’s description, there is an “Enroll Now” button. Click there and you will be taken to a page that lets you register for any of the sessions. Before enrolling, however, you will be asked to fill out a family information sheet, a profile of the future camper(s), some permission waivers, and some medical information. Have your medical insurance info handy. After you fill out the forms, you can select classes, add them to a cart, and check out when you are ready. You will need a credit card for payment. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the registration. You can also log back in to check or add to your registration at any time.

What if my child does not attend Waterford School?

Beginning in 2024, only current Waterford students, those who will join us next fall, or the children/grandchildren of alumni, faculty, staff, or of employes may enroll.

What if my child wants to be grouped with a friend?

Let us know with an email, to and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Is there a sibling discount? How does it work?

Yes, we know that paying for camp can be a large commitment for families with several children. We automatically deduct 15% from the price of tuition for the second, third, fourth, etc. child in your family. If you register the children at different times, sometimes the system does not apply the 15%. If you see that you weren’t given the discount, please email us at, and we will fix that for you.

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