Several more 2023 Camps are slated be added to the 2023 offerings during in the coming weeks.

Spring Break Day Camp (1st-5th)

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Spring Break Day Camp (1st-5th)

Join us on a special space team for the urgent space mission Centauri 289B. We are looking for astronauts to train for and carry out a special advance mission to colonize the planet Proxima Centauri B in the Alpha Centauri star system. In order to save humanity on our home planet, we must learn if Proxima Centauri B can in fact sustain human life. During the first few days, astronauts will be training for the mission, after which they will travel to our nearest star system, prepared to face all challenges. We will traverse unknown geography, summit monstrous mountains, unearth previous inhabitants, collaborate with current inhabitants, and lay the foundations for the next human colony. The mission runs during the second week of Waterford School’s spring break, March 6-10, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. 

This camp will encourage imagination, stimulate minds, build courage, and give the children a chance to try out a number of middle and upper school locations and programs. The group may be further subdivided by age, depending on the number of astronauts registered.

Special supplemental After Training from 3:30-5:00 may be added at registration or at any time before Feb 27.

Explore the Outdoor Classroom

Camp Details

Bring a sack lunch; snack provided by us

Northwest entrance from 9400 S, in the carpool lanes by the Lower School

For this camp, astronauts should come with a backpack containing a refillable water bottle, a nutritious lunch, a jacket, and any extra clothes needed for the weather. Make sure you label everything!


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2023 Program Dates

Spring Break (March 6-10)

Explore the outdoor classroom

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