Policy change for 2024: Waterford Camps are reserved for members of the school community, namely current students, those entering next fall, children and grandchildren of summer faculty, children of alumni, children of waterford.org employees.

Spring Break Day Camp (1st-5th) - EXTREME Animals

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Spring Break Day Camp (1st-5th)

Join us as we learn about some of the strangest and most exciting animal adaptations! Ever wonder how a cuttlefish can change both it shape and color? Curious about how some animals can survive for years in a dormant state? Is a platypus a bird, a mammal, a fish, or what? We will also play many games, take a field trip or two, work on our dance moves, do some art projects, and love every minute together. This camp runs during the second week of Waterford’s spring break, March 11-15, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. 

The group may be further subdivided by age, depending on the number of students registered.

Explore the Outdoor Classroom

Camp Details

Bring a sack lunch; snack provided by us

West doors to the Lower School, by the library.

Come with a backpack containing a refillable water bottle, a nutritious lunch, a jacket, and any extra clothes needed for the weather. Make sure you label everything!


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2024 Program Dates

Spring Break (March 11-15)

Explore the outdoor classroom

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