More testimonials from Day Camp 2020

“There was not one part of the whole experience that didn’t exceed expectations.”

“This is a unique environment for my kids especially, where they do not attend The Waterford School. They were exposed to a type of learning environment very different than public school, and the social aspect was great.”

“It was professional and comprehensive.”

“It was the perfect activity for our child.”

“It just ran so smoothly. There was a good balance between learning and fun.”

“I will absolutely choose Waterford again. We love our school. I have always struggled work finding day long day camps for my kids over the summer, so was thrilled when Waterford gave us this option.”

“Comparing it to other summer programs, though, Waterford’s summer camp is more engaging and the weekly themes gave our house something fun and new to look forward to.”

“It was nice to have after care options and the flexibility to do week by week.”

“My kids had a great time. Their minds were opened to ideas that they are not taught in public school.”

“Great! Everything was organized, and our daughter loved everyday.”

“It was fantastic. The boys were happier and more engaged than (at) other camps – even those which were more geared towards ‘fun’.”

“We plan to repeat again next year.”

“I would have registered for more weeks if that had been an option.”

“(T)he kids came home talking about their friends at camp.”

“Our kids still talk about all the space facts and sing the planet songs that they learned.”

“My boys learned so much and had fun at the same time.”