Girls in STEM

A super low-cost course for incoming 4th to 7th graders, taught by rising Waterford Seniors: Molly Mascardo, Gia Weaver, Fio Paredes, and Mia Knoll.

Camp goals/Description: This camp aims to teach young girls about all the opportunities and variety of STEM topics. Through hands-on experiments and lesson plans we will show girls the unlimited potential of STEM and empower them to continue to pursue these disciplines. We believe STEM opportunities for girls at a younger age help them gain confidence and realize that STEM is for everyone. Expect a lesson and two activities/experiments each day.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

After Care available (for a fee) at registration.

Typical Daily Schedule

MondayBiology/Life Sciences
TuesdayComputer Science
Wednesday Chemistry

Camp Details

not included

North side of Lower School (drop-off point A)


2023 Program Dates

Week 9 (August 7-11)