Anatomy Camp
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About Our Anatomy Camp

Our bodies are complicated and fascinating machines. Understanding the body’s structures (anatomy) and the function of those structures (physiology) helps us take better care of one another and achieve healthier lives for ourselves. At our anatomy camp, spend a week learning about these systems: the skeleton, our muscles, circulation and oxygen transport, digestion, and immunity. This class will be full of fun activities and chances to use what we are learning. There will be plenty for every student to discover, regardless of their background in science. If this course looks great, come on back for the next one, as well. Anatomy, Parts 1 and 2 offer completely different curriculum and are set up in a way that allows students to take one or the other or BOTH!

Camp Details

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Northwest entrance from 9400 S, in the carpool lanes by the Lower School

A curious and active mind. And a sack lunch.


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2021 Program Dates

Week 5 (July 6 – 9)*